Our Financial Institutions and Corporate Banking products and services are based on our expertise and perseverance, leading us to become the most Latin American bank in the Region, and the most international bank in Latin America.

Traditional Foreign Trade

Bladex offers traditional trade finance products, including letters of credit,  guarantees issuance and lines of credit for trade finance.

  • Loans and revolving credit lines.
  • Short-term Trade Finance
    • Pre and post-export of goods and services 
    • Import of goods and services 
  • Commercial Letters of Credit, confirmed or advised. 
  • Stand-by Letters of Credit 
  • Reimbursement Undertakings 
  • Banker’s Acceptances 
  • Discounted Notes with or without bank acceptance 

Structured Foreign Trade 

In accordance with Bladex’s mandate and commitment to the Region, and in addition to its traditional products, the Bank has developed an array of structured finance products including, among others, guarantees of official export development programs, receivable financing by private insurance companies, and trade credit forfaiting or vendor finance. 

Syndicated Structured Financing 

Due to its regional presence, commitment and knowledge of the Region, as well as its unique position as a supranational, investment-grade institution and its underwriting capabilities, Bladex is able to structure, distribute and manage syndicated loans. 

Leasing *

Leasing allows our clients to preserve working capital, thus protecting traditional credit line, which results in better financial and fiscal planning of your company.  We pay cash for the asset required* according to your company’s requirements, and lease it over a medium to long term period.  At the end of the term, we offer different options ranging from the extension of the lease term to the purchase or return of the asset.

* Restrictions apply.