Corporate Governance is underpinned by credibility and transparency, and is considered a strategic element in the relationship between Bladex and its Board of Directors, shareholders, clients, and other economic groups having an interest in the Organization.

Code of Ethics


Bladex consistently upholds and practices world class Corporate Governance standards, including a set of ethical principles that guide our work.  The Bank is committed to strict compliance with the principles laid down in our Code of Ethics and our policies and procedures in order to preserve and maintain such standards. 

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

The Bank's comprehensive risk management model reflects international best practices and is aligned with the Organization's business complexity and nature. The comprehensive risk management framework provides the Bank with a model of "Three Lines of Defense" to make decisions in a simple and effective way.

Suppliers Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Bladex’s Suppliers Code of Ethics and Conduct, aims to provide the main guidelines in the contractual relationship between the Bank and its suppliers.