The Organization seeks to count on a competitive, motivated and committed human capital, for which the Human Resources Department implements a number of programs to achieve these objectives.  We work in seven countries with a workforce of 200 employees, disaggregated as follows:



Human Resources Management Planning

Each year, the Bank brings together the staff from overseas offices at Bladex's Headquarters to participate in different activities designed to review the achievements during the past year and communicate corporate, departmental and individual goals, as well as in integration workshops.

The satisfaction of our employees is important for Bladex, which is why we regularly conduct organizational environment surveys. The Bank uses the survey results to define action plans to address improvement opportunities.


Compensation and Benefits

The Bank is concerned with ensuring competitive compensation plan in the employment market to be able to attract and retain the talent needed to achieve the Organization's objectives.   

Bladex is aware of the importance of the general welfare of our employees and therefore implements health promotion initiatives such as annual health fairs, vaccination campaigns and an employee wellness program.

We offer a program called “BeneBladex + Flex” through which benefits are made more flexible to cover the different needs of our employees and their dependents such as life insurance, medical insurance, dental plan, etc.


Incentive Awards Program

At Bladex we value the extraordinary actions of our employees in a visible and frequent manner, promoting a culture of recognition at all organizational levels. The contributions made toward forwarding our corporate objectives, as well as representing and modelling our organizational values and skills, are what drives the program.

At the end of the year, the Bank gives a special recognition to its employees for their years of service, loyalty and efforts.  It also awards the employee of the year, chosen for modelling our values. Insert image of values


Learning Program

In order to consolidate learning and development efforts, the Bank implemented the concept of BLX University, seeking to formalize the training programs for all functional areas at all organizational hierarchical levels.

The learning and development offering is based on three pillars:

  • Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
  • Functional Skills
  • Regulatory Aspects

These three pillar underpin our corporate values and objectives, generating a learning and development offering aligned with business and operational needs.


Continuous Improvement Program

BLX LeanBladex is an organization that seeks to adapt to the challenges in the markets and the needs of our clients, aiming to deliver growing results for our shareholders.  Accordingly, to ensure the Organization's competitiveness over time, the Bank works in three key pillars of operational excellence: people, process and technology.

In the pillar of people and processes, a continuous improvement program has been implemented based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology.  The BLX Lean culture focuses on daily staff behavioral attitudes and principles, geared towards keeping our clients satisfied, as well as proactive and committed employees through ongoing training on methodological tools to identify and address issues, ensuring the Bank's processes enable the delivery of products and services that generate value for our clients.

In the pillar of technology, the Bank continuously reviews and updates information systems and services, ensuring technology is a key element for improving internal and external customer service.