José Alberto Garzón

José Alberto Garzón, Director of Board since 2017, is Legal Vice President and General Secretary of Banco de Comercio Exterior de Colombia S.A. (Bancoldex) in Colombia since 2003, Administrative Vice President from 2016 to 2017 and in various other capacities with Bancoldex since 1995, holding the positions of Director of the Legal Department and Attorney in the Legal Department. Mr. Garzón has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Fiduciaria Colombiana de Comercio Exterior S.A. (Fiducoldex) in Colombia since 2016, Leasing Bancoldex S.A. Compañía de Financiamiento in Colombia since 2015 and Segurexpo de Colombia, S.A. Aseguradora de Crédito in Colombia since 2000. Previously Mr.Garzón was an Attorney at Legis Editores in Colombia and General Manager of Servibolsa Ltda. Servicios Inmobiliarios. He was a Professor of Credit Insurance in the Insurance Law Program at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia and previously taught History of Political Ideas and Insurance at Fundación Universitaria Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia. Mr. Garzón holds a Law degree and a Master’s degree in Financial Law from Universidad del Rosario in Colombia.

Mr. Garzón also holds Master’s degrees in Commercial Law and Project Finance Studies from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and Insurance Law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. Mr. Garzón is a graduate of Transformative Business Leadership at Centro de Liderazgo y Gestión and of Leading Economic Growth at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Mr. Garzón’s first-hand experience and vast knowledge of administrative, legal and regulatory matters relating to the banking industry and, in particular, trade finance qualifies him to serve on the Board.

Board of Directors: 
Class "A"
Committees of the Board of Directors: 
Audit Committee, Member
Compensation Committee, Member
Prevention and Compliance Committee, Member