Transforming plastic waste to rebuild a bridge in Puerto Caimito, Panama

puente kosovo

Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, S.A. (Bladex), in collaboration with the community of Kosovo, located in Puerto Caimito, Panama, facilitated the reconstruction of its access bridge, using plastic waste extracted from beaches and mangroves in the area, reconverted into raw material.


More than 350 hours of volunteer work by Bladex employees, the commitment of the community, the support of the Panamanian Ministry of Public Works, and the alliance with the Botellas de Amor Foundation made this possible.




"We are proud to have been part of the reconstruction of a bridge that, is not only the single access road to a community inhabited by more than 300 people, but has also had a positive impact on the environment by preventing almost 2 tons of plastic, which were used for the work, from ending up in our oceans... It is a true bridge of hope and transformation," highlighted Jorge Salas, CEO of Bladex.


This recycled plastic bridge, with a span of 46 meters, marks an important milestone by becoming the first bridge of its kind in Panama and the longest in the Region. Its construction is an inspiring example of how the circular economy can have a significant impact on mitigating the effects of climate change.


Corte de cinta


Under the slogan "One Team, One Community, One World," the institution continues to work to promote sustainable development in Latin America and to reinforce its commitment to ESG principles.


About Bladex
Bladex is a multinational bank, originally established by the central banks of Latin American and Caribbean countries, which began operations in 1979 with the purpose of promoting trade finance and economic integration in the Region.  The Bank, headquartered in Panama, also has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and an agency in the United States, to promote regional development and serve its customer base, which includes financial institutions and corporations. 

Bladex has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States of America (NYSE ticker symbol: BLX) since 1992, and its shareholders include: central banks and state-owned entities from 23 Latin American countries, commercial banks and financial institutions, as well as institutional and individual investors, through its stock exchange listing. Bladex is committed to sustainability by supporting people, planet and prosperity in the region through its operations, as well as its programs and projects that benefit the communities in the countries where it operates.


About Botellas de Amor 
Botellas de Amor Foundation is a non-profit organization that was born with the intention of using plastic from waste to manufacture houses in low-income areas and furniture for the communities. It has the first Circular Economy Plant in Central America located in the special zone of Panama Pacifico.



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