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We specialize in offering trade finance solutions
in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Bladex is a reference for the bank industry in foreign trade. Here is where we stand today.


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A quick 360° glimpse about Bladex
More than 40 years of operation support the trust of our investors

Having as founding shareholders the Central Banks and government entities of 23 countries in the region and with 3 decades trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Bladex has established itself as a bank with a recognized track record and a clear purpose to propell the trade and regional integrarion in Latin America.


We promote a culture of regulatory compliance

Highly conscious of our role as an institution that seeks the integration of Latin American trade, we adhere to the best practices and principles for compliance with the rules and regulations of the different jurisdictions in which we operate.

We offer financial services to the main economic sectors across the region

Specialized in addressing the trade finance needs, offering personalized solutions to our clients in 23 big industries and 26 countries. 

We were the first Latin American bank to be listed on the NYSE

In 1992 we became the first bank in Latin America to be listed on the NYSE, thus expanding our reach and strengthening our capacity in pursuit of the vision of growth and progress that characterizes us.

A competent team with top talent from over 16 nationalities

Complementing expertise and deep knowledge of the region and its specificities from market to market, our highly qualified team allows us to offer the precise solutions for each need.

Committed to people, the planet and prosperity in LatAm

Through our core values of integrity, commitment, humbleness, excellence, respect and integrity, we strive to serve present and future Latin America. We are dedicated to representing and promoting an organizational culture with defined values, regard for human rights, business transparency responsibly and sustainably for our employees, clients, and stakeholders.



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