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  • smv

    SMV authorizes registration of bonds to Bladex for up to US$300M

  • fitch

    Fitch Assigns National Rating to Bladex

  • BG

    Bladex successfully leads the first syndication for Banco Guayaquil S.A.

  • comunicado especial

    Bladex Clarifies Information

  • TradeAssets

    Bladex enters into a strategic alliance with TradeAssets

  • Komgo

    Bladex enters into a strategic alliance with Komgo

  • Favorita

    Bladex successfully leads the fourth syndication for Favorita Fruit

  • NYSE

    Bladex celebrates 30 years of listing on the NYSE

  • Voluntarios

    More than 180 persons participate in Bladex volunteer project

  • Imagen

    Bladex celebrates a successful track record of 10 years in the Mexican stock market

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