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A diverse team from 16 countries, 52/48
gender balance, 40+ years of experience, one team.

Who we are
Experience working at Bladex
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Who we are
We are a passionate team


We are a passionate and committed team, with more than four decades driving trade development in Latin America. We capitalize on our strengths based on broad expertise of the region and the commitment and common vision of top-level professionals. 

We are united by the set of values that define Bladex: Commitment, Humbleness, Excellence, Respect and Integrity; and our interest in driving the region forward by innovating and generating a positive impact on our markets and the communities we serve.


Experience working at Bladex
Being part of the Bladex team.


Being a part of the Bladex team means much more than a job. It means sharing, growing and developing our career in a multicultural environment with more than 200 employees of 16 nationalities participating in challenging cross-departmental projects and adding value in all our actions.

At Bladex we consciously and constantly co-create an environment where gender equality, diversity and inclusion are lived at all levels as cornerstones of our work culture.

The health and well-being of our team.


The health and well-being of our team is an organizational priority for Bladex. This is why we have a wide-ranging Benefits Program focused on employees, aligned with their life goals (credit facilities, insurance, educational assistance, among others). Our occupational health and safety practices range from LEED-certified offices to our Well-Being Platform for all staff.

Combined with our institutional strength and decades of experience, these benefits make us confirm we are an excellent place to work on every challenging project we take on.

Talent Development
We provide opportunities.


We provide training and development opportunities to enhance strengths and have the management tools to perform our functions. Talent development consists of mentoring our employees in their professional careers from the moment they join Bladex, starting with full knowledge of their duties, the interpersonal skills they require, training in regulatory aspects, and the development of new competencies aligned with the business and their human development. Knowledge of the business and its operation is essential, which is why we also offer internal "Know Your Bladex" workshops presented by our own employees.

Our culture.
Our guidelines.


Our values constitute the foundations of our culture, setting
guidelines for individual and collective behavior. 

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